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Coil cable, usually known as spiral cable, spring cable, curly cable, is a retractable spiral form cable. Coil cable becomes more and more popular due to its excellent performance as connection for application with movement requirement under limit space.

Coil cable has a very good stability. It plays a very important role in the control system, and also brings great convenience to the operation of the control system, greatly increase the stability and efficiency of the work. Usually the coil cables are applied for machine tools, and assembly line in the industry control system. Sometimes it is also adopted by scientists and inventors to the creation of the new robot manufacture due to its great performance for the robot control connection. To some extent, it accelerates the invention and creation of many new types of machines.

There are three important categories of coil cable as following.

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Cable coil process

Manufacturer Advantage

History since 1997

The company has been engaged in the coil cable manufacture since 1997. With so many years experience, it possesses the outstanding advantages among so many coil cable factories. There are strict rules that all the company staff have been adhering to.

RoHS Compliant 100%

WCH Cable manufacturing lines implement ISO9001:2008 Quality approval management. Most importantly, to assure of environment-friendly production, WCH Cable proudly announces the whole factory wins the Hazardous substance management approval QC080000. All coil cable supply from WCH Cable are hazardous substance free. WCH Cable Guarantees all products 100% complies with RoHS directive.

High purity copper conductors 99.997%

WCH Cable guarantees the good quality. WCH Cable production lines manufacture coil cable with oxygen-free pure copper conductors only, of which the purity is up to 99.997%. Higher copper conductor purity makes the cables and wires with perfect electrical conductivity, wonderful processing performance, good corrosion resistance and so on.

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